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Welcome to Hi Southampton, a space where we make it easy for you to explore one of the most historically significant cities in the United Kingdom. So come with us on an exciting tour to the mediaeval city and relive world history with us!

A Travel Guide To Southampton

We come in handy for you to visit Southampton by providing you with every detail in and around Southampton to explore and activities to participate in to make your vacation more enjoyable.

Discover The City

Explore Southampton

Walk through Southampton’s mediaeval streets and discover the city that lies behind the past events. From museums to coastlines, explore every historical yet modern location to learn about its heritage.

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Southampton Water Activities Center

Why only explore the town’s history when there’s so much more to do? Participate in some of the top water activities in the city, such as boat tours and water sports, to immerse yourself in the city and make every moment of your stay in Southampton memorable.

Walk the Medieval City Walls

Get the best view of the 14th-century mediaeval walls, which are known to be the third-longest city walls in the UK, and take a walking tour to some of the city’s old and mediaeval destinations.

Visit Tudor House and Garden

Explore this wealthy merchant’s home turned museum, which is filled with artefacts from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, each with local history, and get free audio guides to help you understand their legacy.

Explore Old Town and Bargate

Visit the home and strolling spot for most of the old era’s notable people such as Henry V, William Shakespeare, Isaac Watts, and many more who have left their marks on the mediaeval city’s primary gateway.

Visit the SeaCity Museum

Listen to stories about Britain’s maritime history, including the tale of the iconic ship Titanic, and uncover some of the remarkable collections of ceramics from ancient and modern artists.

Top Attractions in Southampton

Want to take the feel of experiencing Southampton deeply? Visit some of the famous, ancient and top attractions of the city to delve into the history of Southampton. To find out more, use the navigation!

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